It's Veterans day...

And it saddens me that too few towns have parades... too many people have to go to work... and the sacrifices made by so many men and women are slipping into obscurity.

But not here.

The first has to do with a post I did a few weeks back about the documentary film "The Way We Get By" which is about the tireless troop greeters in Bangor Maine.

Well PBS is airing it today and I encourage you to watch it, you can learn more about "The Way We Get By" here and can check your local schedule here.

And here is offering number two:

If there is a Veterans Day parade in your area today, please go, because they gave their best to us.


Anonymous said...

The USS New York arrived in NYC, but was overshadowed by a parade for 'heroes' - 'men' in pretty costumes with all the substance of a hollywood denizen.
The USS New York departed with as little fanfare as it arrived with.
I am a veteran, son of & father of a veteran, saddened by the priorities of the masses - their bread n circuses
w j dougherty

Scott said...

I share your feelings...