I am leaving on a jet plane...

Actually... I'm leaving in a minivan.

In the wee hours of November 24th we (me and my gaggle of girls) are heading off to North Carolina for Thanksgiving / family reunion celebration and as if that wasn't enough we leave from there and head to Disney for a week with my mom and stepdad.

I don't share this with you just because I'm squealing like an excited little girl, but also so you'll know that for the next 2 weeks posting on Weekly Photo Tips will be more fluff than substance (mostly images I capture during my trip).

Speaking of images, if you know of any cool shooting opportunities in the Raleigh North Carolina or Orlando Florida areas PLEASE leave a comment or drop me an email.

And for you funny folks out there, I know Disney is a cool shooting opportunity, I was thinking of something outside the park.


The only down side is I'm going to miss my dogs. When my wife saw the 2 pages of instructions I put together for the person coming to stay with our dogs she just walked away shaking her head and mumbling something.

You can click on the image for a better view of my three girls (the image will open larger in a new window).


Joseph Jenkins said...

Scott I don't know where in Raleigh you will be, but there is a town outside of Raleigh called Garner. I was there for business and I found a wonderful cemetary that I went out a few mornings to go and shoot at. It is open early and you are able to drive in.

Here is the location:

Montlawn Memorial Park
2911 South Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC 27603

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Craig Lee said...

Have a good trip! Say "Hi" to Mickey and friends for us.