More Lightroom 3 beta resources...

I recently posted about the Lightroom 3 public beta program and I wanted to add some more information and newly released resources.

The public beta will be lasting until April 30th 2010, giving us a full six months to really give it a thorough workout.

Here are some resources that will give you details, insight, and training so you can truly explore and use Lightroom 3 to its fullest.

1. Here is the link where you can get Lightroom 3.

2. Terry White has forgotten more than I will ever know about Lightroom and he has a detailed write-up and a 30 minute video that will take you deep into Lightroom 3.

3. Adobe TV has 3 videos (almost 60 minutes) showing what is new in Lightroom 3.

4. NAPP has put together their (video & links) Lightroom 3 learning center.

5. Stop by Lightroom Killer Tips to read Matt's Q&A on Lightroom 3.

6. Victoria Bampton (aka The Lightroom Queen) has a a detailed list of what's new in Lightroom 3 along with her own list of Lightroom 3 links.

That should keep you busy until we meet again.

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