This is gong to be a weird week here...

I truly value the fact that so many of you spend (even a small) part of your day here at Weekly Photo Tips, so if something "out of the ordinary" is going on that will change how things usually happen, I feel the very least I should do is to let you know.

So this week I am traveling and because of that blog posts will be rather sporadic and/or "fluffy" (ie: a bit on the lite side).

And as this is a visual kinda blog, instead of telling you, I thought I would give you a hint or two of where our travels are taking us.

Hint one:

Okay, here is hint two:

Yup, we arrived at Disney World the day after Thanksgiving and will be here the rest of the month, enjoying a long anticipated (and greatly deserved) family vacation.

Yesterday (one of my) daughters created a (minor) sensation in Magic Kingdom by wearing a horse head mask down splash mountain.

I am a very proud dad... :)

Not sure which is more amusing, her mask, or the look her sister is giving her.

The rest of this post is not for our "regulars", it is aimed directly at that extreme minority of scum bags that search social media looking for those who are away or on vacation so they can break into their homes, first off you people suck, really... second, our house is not empty, not even close, so don't waste your time. Not only do we have house and dog sitters, we have great neighbors who are watching them watching our house.


AC said...

Not all of us get to go to the magic kingdom. In fact some have to wait until we win the Superbowl or something. Have a great time!

Mallory said...

This has to be one of the funniest ride photos ever!

Lynet Sandoval Witty said...

bahahaha! I love your other daughter's face!!! It's so priceless! HOpe you got the souvenir!

Scott said...


Liked it so much we bought the print AND the digital download!



Doris S. Smith said...

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