Create your own Facebook Timeline Cover...

We have been talking about Facebook Timeline Covers for a couple weeks and have promised you some resources and a video tutorial, so here it (they) are.

They are broken down into four catagories.

First, pre-made Timeline Covers for any occasion:

Trendy Covers has one of the largest assortments out there, and Blog Technics has a bunch as well.

Second, resources that will walk you through making a Timeline Cover online:

There are a few options, but the big kahuna, the top dog when it comes to an online resource for making your own Timeline Cover it's the Timeline Slicer App.

You will find 8 more online resources here.

Third, resources for downloading free templates and making your own custom Facebook Timeline Cover in Photoshop:

You'll find 16+ .PSD templates here, and another 10 more here.

The free template we used in the video is in this group of free templates for Worlds Best Actions.

MCP Actions (I own and LOVE their actions) has 8 more free Photoshop templates.

You will find a bunch of free Timeline resources geared specifically towards photographers over at Paint The Moon.

Fourth, these are resources that don't quite fit in the first three:

If you are interested in creating a Timeline Cover from scratch, head over to Blog Technics, there you will find every dimensional aspect and size requirements known to man for Timeline Covers, they even have a "bare bones" template for you to download.

I am a HUGE fan of Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income and he put together a post that discusses the importance of Timeline Covers as it applies to marketing yourself and/or your business.

And finally, here a couple places that will inspire you with cool and funny ideas, there are 40 creative ideas, and here you'll find 25 funny covers.

Here is our video tutorial on customizing one of the free templates listed above, hope you enjoy it.

If you received this post via email the video did not come with it, so either head back to Weekly Photo Tips or directly over to our YouTube channel to watch it there.

If you know of a resource that is not listed here, please email it to us so we can share it with everyone.


Fred Gallup said...

Very informative post, and great resources. Thanks, I now have a much more professional looking facebook page.

Brilliant !!

Scott said...

Thanks Fred, care to share what you did?


Annie J. Pierre said...

So great this video tutorial . Like and appreciate your post .

Robert Smith said...

Useful suggestions. I am so glad for your post. Thanks