Old North Church... Boston...

It just so happens that our last wedding of the 2012 season was at the Old North Church in Boston (MA), yup, THE Old North Church, the one that holds such a prominent place in American history (built in 1723) and of the "One if by land, and two if by sea" and "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" fame .

And though I had grown up in Boston never once had I visited the church... until this wedding.

It may sound corny, but being there one can't help but be in awe, knowing all that had transpired there, walking on the same stairs as Robert Newman (the man who actually held those lanterns on that night way back in 1775).

While walking around the church I stumbled upon the "dog tag garden", tucked away in a small court yard. Here are two shots that are pretty self explanatory.

If you find yourself in the Boston area this is a cool place to go and snap off a few shots. Not just for the church but also where it's located, smack in the middle of Boston's historic North End (little Italy) where you will not only find great history, but great food as well. Phenomenal Italian restaurants and bakeries.

All of which is just a (very) short walk to Faneuil hall and the New England Aquarium.

Here's a "pano" I shot with my fancy shmancy iPhone 5.

I think this is the closest I have ever come to doing an actually "photography" post on the weekend.

Feel free to click on any of the above images to view larger.


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