More on the movie UP...

I'll warn you, you may want to go get the tissues before you read any further.

Okay, all set?

Three weeks ago I posted about the new Pixar movie Up, well yesterday the movie was in the news again and for all the right reasons.

Colby, a terminally ill 10 year old girl really wanted to see the movie but was just too sick to go to the theater, well Pixar got wind of this and showed up the very next day with a DVD of Up for her to watch.

Sadly, Colby died just a few hours after seeing the movie.

I don't share this with you because it's sad, I share it because it's such a pleasure to see a big company like Pixar doing the right thing. You go Pixar!

Too bad it's the exception, I long for the day when it's the norm.

You can read the story here.


jenney said...

I don't normally comment (just a lurker) but I just wanted to shout AMEN!!!

I wasn't too interested in this movie before but knowing this I'd like to take my son to see it. Thanks!

Scott said...


Thanks for taking the time to come out of the shadows to leave a comment.

I hope you and your son enjoy the movie.

Mike said...

She's off to her next adventure. It's a great movie made by people who have shown themselves to be great.

Jodi Renshaw said...

I went to see this movie because of your post --- and loved it. Thank you. Of course my 4 year old loved it too. Funny thing is, it is the first movie that has made him cry in sadness ... he actually GOT IT. And then, was relieved at the end. My boy is an old soul.

Thanks for the recommendation.