I love Fathers Day...

Not because of the gifts, doo dads, and trinkets, but because it's one of a handful of days each year that I spend reflecting on just how fortunate I am (well, reflecting, eating, napping, and then eating again).

Though it doesn't suck that they got me an iPod Touch this year.


If I had to share just one thing I have learned about being a dad it would be:

"The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother."

Not only does it teach my daughters how to treat other people, it teaches them how a man should treat them.

I hope all you dads out there have a great fathers day.


Anonymous said...

My father is the one thing that I miss most in this world. I've been sitting here all day recalling all of the wonderful things about him.
I can still remember looking out for him to turn the corner on his return from work. He always remembered my birthday.
He always seemed to have so many varied friends; people who I never expected to would flock to his house just to spend time with him; people from all walks of life; entertainers, doctors, judges, bricklayers, clergy. He had magnetism.
Above all, he treated my mother like royalty.


Scott said...


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts about your dad.


Daniel said...

Great post, Scott. I know exactly where you're coming from. And happy belated Father's day to you!