Keeping the light simple...

How cool is that shot, it's a gull wing Mercedes 300SL shot by Ken Brown (my new man crush).


This is Ken's third appearance on Weekly Photo Tips, the first was in a review of "Trade Secret Cards" (quite by accident, the card I showed was a shot of a car setup/shot by Ken), the second post was more intentional, it was a video of Ken shooting a car with a single Nikon SB-24 speedlight.

When you look at his images you can't help but think, "holy cow, look at how beautifuly that's lit, I wonder how he did it?". Then when you see the setup, the simplicity of the lighting makes the end result even more impressive.

In the above image ken used just two SB-24's attached to "eBay triggers" (aka Cactus triggers) placed on the seats, and that's it. So his lighting setup cost about $200, which is well within the reach of most photographers.

If you want to learn more about Ken and see his incredible body of work you can visit his website, his blog, or his Flickr page.

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Kevin Mullins said...

That is very very cool