Want to be a better photographer... Really?

If you do I have a great opportunity to tell you about.

Over at Strobist David Hobby has started Boot Camp III, a great chance to learn by reading and more importantly, to learn by doing.

What I like about Boot Camp III as that David has designed to to be a fun learning experience, NOT a competition or to be "better than".

Another cool thing is it has a "2 light rule", meaning that any image submitted can be lit by no more than two lights (to keep the "gear hogs" from having an unfair advantage).

There are cool prizes to be awarded at the end of the boot camp, but the real prize is in becoming a better photographer, which is exactly what will happen if you participate.

Assignment 1 has just been posted so it's not too late to get involved.

Have fun, learn good stuff, doesn't get any better than that.


digital photography basics said...

I like these tips!!!
Thanks for the wonderful post.

Dolly Paolucci said...

The best way to learn a lesson is to enjoy every moment and try not to rush things; especially in photography and other fields of study. Learning is a step-by-step process. If you really love something, you'll enjoy every lesson (no matter how difficult they are). It's also important to have patience. =)

JackDeth said...

Is this two light rule two lights besides the camera's flash or including?

I really don't consider myself a gear hog. Would I like to afford nice gear? Sure. But I can't so I make due.

However, you can get some nice gear on a shoestring if you know where to look. I got a really nice continuous lighting kit with two umbrellas, a backdrop light, and stands with a nice case for super cheap on Amazon. So, it CAN be done. There are also some nice DIY projects online for making your own lights (ie. beauty dishes, strip lights, soft boxes, etc...) with stuff you might already have around the house.