Why you should use Canvas on Demand...

First, let me apologize for my absence, but there has been a bug running through my house (literally) that has stayed too long occupied too many resources.

Now on to the subject at hand.

I have been looking for a vendor for printing canvases and thought I would have an image done by each of the major canvas companies, then pick what I thought to be the best one.

The first image went out to Canvas on Demand and it turned out to be one of the best experiences I have had with any vendor in quite some time. Nothing could have been handled better, the product quality, customer service, and communications were outstanding.

1. I placed my order on Saturday.

2. I received an email the following Monday informing me that because of the way the imaged was cropped it would not fit properly on the 16x20 canvas that I ordered and instead it would be printed on a 16 x 24 canvas, an upgrade at no charge.

3. The following day (Tuesday) another email arrived telling me the canvas had shipped.

4. That Thursday morning the canvas arrived at my door.

5. Thursday afternoon yet another email arrived asking me if I was pleased with my order.

You can't beat that kind of service, not even with a stick. To me good customer service will trump a bad product everytime, but a good product will never overcome bad customer service.

With Canvas on Demand both were outstanding. I could not be happier with my canvas.

They also offer a Pro Account and one of the services included is called a "Canvasizer" (see below), where you upload a web quality image and within 24 hours Canvas on Demand will email the image to you as a "simulated canvas" so that you (or your client) can visualize what the canvas will look like.

Please keep in mind that the "Canvasizer" image is a simulation and will not match the quality of the end product.

I never did send an image to a second company and have no intension of doing so, Canvas on Demand is my canvas company and if you give them a try, they will be yours as well.


Unknown said...

I looks & sounds like they do a great job. Another place to look for good work at an even better price is White House Custom Color,

I've used them for a few years and have never been disapointed. I've sold several canvas prints done by them & was very pleased with the work.


Amy Rader said...

I use Canvas on Demand all the time. When you order a sample they give you 50% off and then at the end of checking out they also give you a $5 gift card to Starbucks. Super nice people to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Hello Scott, you and "Canvas on Demand" did an excellent job! Are you able to preview your work with them? When looking at other Canvases, the one's that are pleasing to the "eye" seem to have either foreground/background or both on its sides, and not the main subject? Also, from close-up, does it have the canvas texture? Way to go Scott!

Anonymous said...

I also love Canvas on demand and I have 6 more samples arriving on Tuesday.

I did try their canvasizer, but all of mine were distorted (not proportional) and when I blogged them the people looked fat and no matter if it was a vertical or a horizontal they call came back square. But yours looks OK.



Anonymous said...

I just receive my picture on Canvas from Canvas Deluxe,
The Quality amazing. The colors surprise me.
I gave them a call for help and the customer service support me and very
I recommend.

Tom said...

Canvas On Demand 4 Days Exclusive Coupon: Save 25% OFF! Hurry! Expires: April 22nd, Midnight! This promotion icludes anything on Canvas On Demand icluding Floating Frames, and Photo Splits.

Anonymous said...

Your intention was to judge and pick the best. You chose a black and white photo, without color as an evaluation. You made no other comparisons. You chose the first out of the box as the best???? Fair to say this is a paid advertisement???

There is a difference in the quality of inks and true reproduction capabilities when quantifying quality. Not sold on your opinion.

Scott said...

To be fair I never said I was running a vendor by vendor comparison, never said I was looking for the best option for my readers, I said “I was looking for a vendor”.

I never said I was going to perform a color vs. black and white comparison.

What I did say (and made pretty darn clear) was I sharing my experience with a canvas I had printed, clearly stating I was so happy with the results I never tried anyone else.

I paid for my print and for you to imply otherwise is absolutely untrue, unnecessary and unacceptable.

If you think this is a dishonest blog might I suggest you find another photography blog to read.

Unknown said...
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StrawberryPancakes said...

Hi, Thank you for the great info. have a gift certificate for a photo canvas from Canvas On Demand. I wanted to make something artsy or artsy/with my baby girl in it. I read one of the comments which mentioned something about the foreground/background.

Do you have any suggestions for how to make my canvas look really nice? I'm a beginner photographer with a new Canon T2i to play with and about a week to finish this project. Thank you so much!

Scott said...


The three constants in my orders are:

1. I have only used black and white images

2. I always have the image wrap around the edges

3. If I remember correctly one of the options I always select is “photo realistic”

Hope that helps, I would love to hear your feedback after you get your canvas.

Thanks for coming to the blog,


StrawberryPancakes said...

Thanks Scott! I'll let you know how it goes when I get it. Thanks for taking the time!

barb said...

I just stumbled on your blog and would love for you to review my company. my website is www.makemeastorybook.com we are a web based personal publishing company that prints gallery wrapped uv coated canvases in 6 different sizes and 2 different depths. One of the amazing benefits is that you are supporting a person not just a corporation and I give great customer service. It also has the ability for someone to earn free product or join my team and get paid to print. All of our products also have a heirloom assurance so if anything happens to it the company (which is in the U.S.A.) will reprint it and pay 50% of the cost! So a true family business that puts the customer first. Look forward to hearing your feedback.

Sonica said...

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Excellent information provided by this blog.

Anonymous said...

Another great canvas printing company is www.Canvas4Life.com. All my prints come out amazing when I order from them and they always send a $25 gift card. Great service!

Unknown said...

You have shared great post about a canvas service, there are only few companies which is providing such kind of services, nice to know that you have never send image on another company..


Charles Simpson said...

This is an excellent review, except for the fact that you changed directions from your original comments. "...thought I would have an image done by each of the major canvas companies, then pick what I thought to be the best one. The first image went out to Canvas on Demand..." It does seem like you work for, or were paid by Canvas on Demand. You probably don't, but some of us would have loved to hear your great comments about them after comparing them with others.

CanvasChamp said...

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Anonymous said...

Canvas on Demand has absolutely the worst customer service of any company I have ever done business with. Its too bad because their products are nice but its just not worth it. They don't know how to fix mistakes they make. There are many other choices so save your aggravation and find another company to create your canvas

jade said...

"simulated canvas" so that you (or your client) can visualize what the canvas will look like. canvas printing Chicago

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