Blog subscribers, the Jonas Brothers, and winter...

None of those three things are related, but I wanted to touch on each one.

1. Blog Subscribers: At the end of last week this blog hit yet another milestone, it surpassed 900 subscribers. Holy crap! I want to thank each and every single one of you for making this blog the success that it is. I could write posts until the cows come home (exactly where they have been I don't know), but if no one came to spend time, to read, and then come back again and again, this would be just so much hot air.

So the success (and my thanks) go to you the readers. THANK YOU!

2. The Jonas Brothers: It has come home to me (yet again) that we are role models for our children. My girls have watched me write this blog and have had to suffer through the boredom of looking at my visitor stats/maps and have decided they wanted to embark on their own blog.

Their subject? The Jonas Brothers, or as they would say "OMG, the Jo Bro's".

So they asked for my help setting up their blog, but that wasn't enough, they wanted Google Analytics too! So now they check their stats and maps each day to see who is coming and where they are coming from.

This is where I want to ask you folks a favor, it would be a hoot of they checked their stats and saw a big spike in visitors, so if you have girls in your family, please head over to my daughters blog and give them a big time thrill. Plus you will learn really important things like "Selena Gomez dumps Nick Jonas!!!"


3. Winter: Last year we had over 100 inches of snow fall, and at the time thought "boy, I may never see that again in my lifetime". Well, after three more storms this past week we are creeping towards that 100 inch mark again.

Here are some pictures from this morning:


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Louden road! I often glance over at that truck looking for the optimal time to shoot it!

Flo said...

congratulations on your success. I enjoy your blog very much, yet never take the time to comment. So here it is. BTW, I love your images of the snowfall; we don't get much of it so I find it beautiful.

stevepottenger said...

I've just found your blog and podcasts this week, but have really enjoyed and learned quite a bit (in spite of my 20 years as a hobbyist and more recently freelancer). Thanks for putting together such a great resource!

Michael Palmer said...

Get to shoveling, only a few months til I get there!! Olivia is all about HM -

Nate or Hailee said...

Hi, thanks for all the good info you provide. Many of your recommendations are on my list of "wants" now. I hope your daughters are getting lots of traffic on their blog! Can you tell me where you pasted the code for google analytics?

Scott said...

Nate (or Hailee), here is the link for where to put the code:

and here is the link for the "Google Analytics Installation Guide":

hope this help...


half blind said...

Well Scott, it's been an unexpected and very pleasant journey getting to know you through your blog. In the course of trying to leave some comments for your contest, I've read about so much more than photography.

Among the great sites and tips you've exposed, you've mixed personal and sometimes very private parts of your life. In reading through your posts, I've celebrated with you, empathized with you, felt deeply for you and laughed with you.

I want you to know that as a rule, I don't visit people's daughters' websites under any circumstances.:) But I broke my rule and found out that Kevin Jonas is engaged! Unfortunately, I don't know anyone else I can share this news with, but I hope this tweaks their Google specs.

Scott, I feel I need about 3 months to digest everything I've read on your blog so far! Please keep up the good work and take care.