Cinefoil review part 2, return of the dark stuff...

I wanted to follow-up on yesterdays review of Rosco Cinefoil with another way we used it.

We were shooting some product shots for a local company, Mad Gab's, that would be used for their catalog.

The shoot was done on white seamless as all of the images would be cut out, and using the lighter color paper would make that process easier.

A problem arose when we were shooting some boxes that had a highly reflective finish. The side of the box was reflecting back the white paper (see image #1).

Se we slid a small piece of Cinifoil under the offending side of the box and it killed the reflection allowing the vibrant color of the box to come through (see image #2).

The image was then cutout in Photoshop and it was ready for the catalog (see image #3).

You may want to seriously consider adding Cinefoil to your arsenal of light modifying tools.

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Miguel Palaviccini said...

Pretty neat trick. Can you do the same with aluminum foil?