A readers question about textures...

Steve asked a question about yesterdays post, "I am wondering do you use this technique often? If so what kind of images do you mainly use it on?"

The answer is "only occasionally", it's a nice way to bring focus to your subject without using a vignette or edges. The best images to use them on (in my humble opinion) are "portraits".

I am a fairly recent convert to textures, it was after seeing Jed and Vicki Taufer at WPPI Boston and in Vermont, seeing how they used them - in a very subtle way that enhances the photo (not over power it).

Let me share three images from Vicki that made me a texture convert.

(Click on any image to view larger & see more detail. They'll open in new window.)


Steve Wetzel said...

Scott, thanks for addressing my question here. Also thanks for linking to my website. Just so you know, I prefer you link to my daily photo blog as that is where I post a new photograph every day. Doing a daily photo blog has helped my photography more than anything else I could do. I encourage everyone to shoot often - it is the best way to grow in your photographic skills.

Scott said...


I made that link change for you.