Being inspired by Christopher Appoldt...

I spend a good deal of time looking at the work of other people, not because I want to copy what they are doing, but to get the creative juices flowing, to be inspired.

How others are using light, to see their posing techniques, and the kind of post processing they use will often spark ideas for new projects.

One photographer that inspires me is Christopher Appoldt.

I really like how he lights his portraits, how he photographs animals, and the wide range of subjects that he covers.

Both his work and his client list is pretty impressive, be sure to stop by his website and blog to see what he is up to and to be inspired.

Here are a few images from Christopher Appoldt, click on them to view larger and in a new window.

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NetAgra said...

That was inspirational. Thanks! Since I do so many events I was hoping for a few more examples. I really liked the podium shot of the NYIT president. Gave me some ideas!