It finally happened...

I've shot at a bunch of weddings (including 2 this weekend) and many have been beautiful, touching events. But never had I been emotional (AKA "something in my eye").

Well, at the reception of yesterdays wedding the father of the bride got up to toast the couple and started talking about his love for his daughter, how on the day she was born she wrapped her tiny fingers around one of his, then went on to talk about important events in her life (first day at school, riding a bike, etc.) when she was nervous or afraid and how putting her hand in his would comfort her and give her strength.

Each of the moments he shared was both touching and beautiful, then he started... "and now the day has come when I have to take your hand from mine and place in gently into the hand of your husband..."

The guests were crying, the wait staff was crying... even I had "something in my eye".

The above image is of a rose that was in the brides bouquet. I shot it with a Nikon 60mm Micro (macro) 2.8 lens. I wanted just the edges of the petals closest to the lens in focus and the focus on the rest of the flower to fall off.


Brian said...

Nice... Thanks for sharing, Scott!

Steve Wetzel said...

What a cool thing to happen. That is what life is all about I think. Our love for others. Very cool that you got to experience it at this wedding.

Maryann said...

It reminds me of all the stunning photos of just hands; a baby's and mother's or father's or a grandparent's, sweethearts holding hands, children's hands, a worker's or artist's hands.... Take these shots when you can, they are priceless.

Miguel Palaviccini said...

I've had the chance to shoot with that lens before. It's a lot harder than it looks to get exactly what you want in the focus. That depth of field is so tiny! Any chance you can give some quick tips on how you managed that?


Scott said...


You are absolutely right; it is not all that easy to get such a small area in focus with that shallow depth of field.

Forget shooting a moving subject, the slightest movement and your area of focus has moved and nothing will be sharp.

So the two pieces of advice I would give is shoot a stationary subject (though it was the brides bouquet it was sitting on a table when I shot it) and if possible shoot from a tripod.

Thanks for coming by,