Thinking of coming o Maine?...

As many of you know Scott Kelby was here in Maine a few weeks ago and we had the pleasure of taking him on a "photo tour".

Being hospitable is not a service reserved for the "famous", if you are planning a trip to Maine please let us know, though we may not be able to give everyone a personalized tour, at the very least we will be happy provide a list (and links) to cool places to shoot, stops you won't want to miss, and great restaurants to eat at. Just let us know you are coming.

Maine (and New England in general) is a beautiful place to visit and is geographically compact so you can go from the ocean, to the country, then on to the city in a short drive.

Here are a couple resources for visiting Maine (here and here) and here is another for New England. Hopefully it will tempt you to head in our direction.

Be sure to come back tomorrow when we'll be spending some time with Joey Lawrence.


Chell said...

Oh SO excited for tomorrow. Love Joey Lawrence. Of course I had the Nikon Girl stuck in my head for like a month after seeing the video he made..

I am Headed to Maine for 2 weeks in December, to visit family. Will have to see what you recommend for winter locations.

Tom Peterson said...

That's very generous of you. We typically go to Maine in October for foliage and lighthouses. This year we're trying West Virginia for foliage and waterfalls.

If you don't mind, I'll pick your brain next time we past by Biddeford. Heck, I'll even buy you dinner.

Scott said...

Chell, I will email you offline with a list of things to do, shoot, and places to eat.

Tom, gonna hold you to that, and know I am not a cheap date!


Thanks to both of you for stopping by.

Michael Palmer said...

Your generosity is endless Scott, We missed not making it to Maine this year, Maybe if Julia has a long weekend this Fall, I will fly up for a foliage trip.