I need three people to contact me...

Three very specific people.

If you shoot any of the following cameras and feel like taking on a (small) assignment drop me an email.

1. Nikon D60

2. Nikon D3000

3. Canon XSi

Yes I am being vague, but there is a reason (that will be explained later).

And lastly, I know I promised you JoeyL today but things got away from me (called a daughter with mono), so it will be tomoorow instead.

Thanks for understanding.


Chell said...

Can't help with the assignment but wanted to say I hope your daughter feel better soon.

Michael Palmer said...

feel better wishes also

Angad Singh said...


I use the nikon d60 and i can be reached at angad.s.sodhi@gmail.com

drop me a note regarding the assignment.


Scott said...

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to respond but we have already filled all three spots.


Thanks for taking the time to write and thanks for reading our blog.