More on Joey L...

Just a few things I wanted to add to yesterdays post.

First, please go to his website and if you don't look at anything else check out the images from his homeless and Ethiopian projects. It's knock your socks off great stuff.

Speaking of Ethiopia, as part of the DVD we reviewed yesterday there is an 11 minute "behind the scenes" video that shows just some of the crazy stuff Joey went through to get the images.

Here's an example starting with the finished product:

And what he did to get that shot, balancing on the edge of an outcrop very, very high up.

He's either crazy or committed. Maybe a little of both.


Ashley Hataway said... am IN LOVE with his work! It's, in a word, extraordinary.

Scott said...

Didn’t I tell you?

If you look at his homeless series you would think he used a flash, surprisingly he used no additional light (other than shooting late in the day for the “golden hour”).

Incredible stuff.


Jeremy said...

Scott - for the homeless series, didn't Joey use a beauty dish (at least for some of the pictures)? I know there is one picture you can see it in the frame??