Playing with content aware fill...

I was looking at an image shot with a point and shoot camera during our trip to Pennsylvania Dutch Country and thought "this would not suck as much of I cleaned it up a bit".

Again, it was taken with a point and shoot so there was a limited amount of pixels to play with so please be kind.

Below is the finished image, no fancy editing, for the things I wanted to remove I simply selected the item, hit the "Delete" key and then hit okay in the content aware dialog box. Only once did I "un-do" then "re-do" on one of the edits.

Here is the original image, see if you can find all of the things I removed. (kinda like a Where's Waldo hunt).

If you get tired of looking or just want to see the image with all of the items that have removed circled, follow this link.

(click on either image to open larger and in a new window)


Miguel Palaviccini said...

I like the look of it. Content aware fill is amazing! I can only imagine what Adobe will come out with next

Jen M said...

You missed one! The tree on the left was altered along the left edge, about midway up the tree.

I knew there was a trick to this ;-) Those hours of playing "photohunt" at the local drinking establishment sure came in handy!

In all seriousness PS is amazing! I'm still working on camera technique but I look forward to learning to do more like that! Also thanks for this blog.. I've been a "silent" reader for awhile, but the tips have really helped build my confidence and creativity!

Anonymous said...

Content Aware is really making my workflow quicker. Nice work Scott.

Scott said...

Oh Jen… good catch!

If you email me offline ( I got a little somthin’ somethin’ for you.