I got my three people!...

The good folks at Stay Focused Press sent me three books for review, the Nikon D60, Nikon D3000, and the Canon XSi.

I have gone through the books but was looking for folks who shot with those specific cameras and now have them.

The books are going out to three of our blog readers to read and write a review, so look for it in a couple weeks.

Thank to everyone who took the time to respond and volunteer.


KellieAnn Reynolds said...

Cool! Definitely looking forward to reading the eeview of the book for the XSi. I have that particular camera and love it. 'Course, loving the XSi as much as I do (it's my first dSLR), I still have camera envy! :)

Scott said...

Camera envy, sadly I know the disease well and there is no known cure.