New, Improved, and better tasting blog...

Unless today is the first time you are visiting Weekly Photo Tips you can't help but notice things look different, real different.

While you were sleeping I applied a "new skin" to the blog and think it looks pretty good.

Though the blog was looking rather dated (much like me) the big reason for the change was not aesthetic, the change was made so we could add new things, new resources to the blog. The basic layout is the same, blog posts are on the left side of the screen and cool resources, links, and other bits of information are on the right side of the screen, on the right is where you will see most of the changes.

At the very top you will find a survey where 3 to 4 times a month you will get to participate by answering (mostly) photography related survey questions. This week we are asking how you feel about the new design, so please, take just a moment and let us know.

There is also a new section that will show screen shots (with links) to our YouTube channel and one of my favorite new whiz bang and do-dads is a "Popular Posts" section.

You will also find many of the old "standards" there as well, including a ton of links to other photography resources, and most importantly the list of all the many products we have reviewed over the years.

So take a look around and see what's new, what's different, and what you recognize.

Your help would be greatly appreciated in two ways:

1. I think we need a graphic at the top of the blog, and though I am a photographer, I am NOT a graphic designer, so please email me with your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas (or if you ARE a graphic designer).

2. As you browse though the many resources on the right, if you should find a broken link please let us know.

The only thing I am not all that fond of is the text links that are part of almost every one of our posts are not as easily recognizable as they were on the old blog, so until we can improve that make sure you look just a little closer.

Oh ya, I was kidding about the better tasting thing... I licked my screen and it tastes exactly the same.



Paula said...

Yes, most definitely need a header. Photography blogs should be 'pretty' :-) I can help. Send me some of your best 'show off' pics (low res) and I'll whip something up for you.

Scott said...

It's on the way...

thank you Paula.

photography by anika alonzo said...

I licked the screen too. It DOES taste better!

Scott said...

Now that made me LOL out loud (a reference for all you Monk Fans)...


Miguel Palaviccini said...

Looks great! But I agree, is there any way to change the color of the text links (maybe a lighter gray or possibly a yellow?). Otherwise I like the revamp!

sandy_camp said...

I don't care so much for the header but I see someone has volunteered to help you with that. :)
Otherwise I think it's awesome! I don't find the gray text links difficult to read. I know absolutely nothing about blog design but they might be easier to read if the font was slightly thinner.. if that's possible.
and about licking the screen... I would NEVER do that!
but I did sniff it....smells the same. ;p

AC said...

Love it, great job, I'm still a little iffy on the taste though - it's a little salty (but then again I just finished a bag of popcorn) otherwise it taste like chicken.

Like the popular posts and the quiz.

Scott said...

You people are too funny!


Andrew said...

Scott I really love the new look. White on black is so much easier for those of us who suffer from natural lens-flare, as the letters get bigger rather than being masked.

It's all so much crisper, and ledgible, thanks