Have I got a great deal for you!...

A 6 pack of SanDisk 4GB Ultra compact flash memory cards with a Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket case for only $69 with FREE shipping! That is a 50% savings (and even more savings if you include the free shipping).

SanDisk Ultra cards are fast, featuring fast 15/MB/sec Read/Write speeds, that will help reduce the time it takes for your camera to write to the card and to transfer data from your camera to your computer.

They also come with a lifetime limited warranty.

And (this is the part that will impress the heck out of you), these are the cards I use. Blown away, huh?


I shoot fast and these cards keep right up with me and it's true what they say about the transfer speed, fast.

So if you are in the market for cards this is an opportunity to get very good memory cards at an outstanding price.


diygeek said...

Bought some of these the last time you featured them, and haven't regretted it. Well worth the money.

Anonymous said...

Scott, i'm thinking Sandisk is unloading them as fast as possible.
Recently got the new Nikon D7000, which uses two SD cards.
Got rid of the old Olympus E510, that used CF cards.

Anonymous said...

Started to order,got all the way to place order and it said shipping was going to be $9.95, so I cancelled. Checked B&H, they sell a 30mb/sec card for $20.