Reserve your seat at our David Tejada workshop...

This workshop is limited to just 8-10 seats so that each attendee is assured of plenty of personalized attention, so be sure to signup before those precious (and few) seats are gone.

Come join us on the weekend of September 17 & 18 for a two day workshop with small strobe photographer extraordinaire David Tejada.

David is one of the most highly regarded (and sought after) location corporate photographers out there, known for his dramatic and innovative photographic lighting techniques and graphic style.

He shoots both domestic and international assignments for graphic design firms and Fortune 500 companies. With 25 years of annual report photography experience, David is equally at home hovering in a helicopter over a drill rig in the Andes, creating dramatic lighting in a laboratory setting, or shooting a CEO portrait in New York City.

During the workshop David will demonstrate how to control and modify the quality of light produced from a typical shoe mounted flash. You’ll learn how to properly use umbrellas, soft boxes, snoots, grids, silks and bounce techniques. We’ll discuss using a single strobe combined with existing light as well as more complicated multiple light set-ups.

This workshop is designed for the emerging pro or for those contemplating doing so.

This workshop does not show you how to use your camera, you should understand the relationship between shutter speeds and F-stops and what the difference is between f/1.4 and f/22.

Learn more about David Tejada at his website, his blog, the "Small Strobes Big Results" site, or head over at Strobist and see why David Hobby is such a big fan (here and here).


David Tejada said...

Hi Scott: I am really looking forward to this workshop, two days of hands on work with students. If your interested in learning how to achieve studio quality lighting on location with your speedlights, this workshop is for you.


Kevin Couture said...

Just signed up, can't wait for the workshop.