Self assignments at Disney...

After a hiatus of several years my family is finally heading back to Disney this year (the week after Thanksgiving). It already dominates the conversation as we talk about the things we are going to do and laugh about things we've done in the past.

The challenge for photographers is to shoot something different while you are there (because really, what photographer would take a Disney vacation and not bring their camera?).

Last week Scott Kelby wrote about giving yourself a self-assignment at Disney World (I know, I know, I often refer to Scott, but considering his contribution to the world of photography, why wouldn't I?).

Here are some shots of birds that weren't even "part" of Disney, they were simply hanging around outside our room at Saratoga Springs (click on an image to view larger and in a new window):

And these were taken at Animal Kingdom:


stacey said...

Really....what photographer WOULD EVER go to Disney and not take photos??? ;)

Anonymous said...

Well...I got to Walt Disney World, at least, once a year and sometimes more. I even contribute to a Disney photoblog and have several Disney posting on my personal blog so I think you'll find lots of things new and interesting things to photograph on your upcoming trip later this year.

BTW, I will be there that week along with a few other Disney loving photographers so you will be in good company.