Microstock photography part III...

Just in case you missed them, here is Microstock Photography Part I, and Part II, now onto part III.

Here are more microstock resources that will help you learn more about and guide you on the road to generating income with stock photography.

1. Rasmus Rasmussen has put together a 52 page .pdf "Microstock Photographers Guide" that is a must read.

2. Mike over at TheStockBlog.net is shooting stock and is sharing his experiences with us.

3. Nil to Mil is Matt & Sarah Antonino, on their blog they are chronicling (and sharing) their microstock journey from nil to their first microstock million.

4. Microstock Diaries is a blog for people who sell photos online, particularly in the microstock market. One of the things I really like about this blog (and there are many things), is that each month they show you their earnings report, what the sold, how much the made, and from which stock site the sales were generated.

5. Laurent Dambies at the Microstock Experiment is sharing his earning statements as well, along with the rest of his journey through the world of stock photography.

6. Here are three posts (and a video) from Yuri Arcurs, an overview of microstock agencies, what to shoot/what sells, and keywording.

This is a hot and expanding segment in the world of photography, so you can count on there being a part IV.

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Thanks for the linklove! Nice site - I'll have to read a bit more!

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