Don't judge a book by it's cover...

How many times has you mother said that to you?

Too often (and too quickly) situations, or worse people, are judged by how they look and if they don't measure up they're summarily dismissed.

I tell my girls (and myself) that it's best to keep our mouths closed and our minds open, to be receptive to all that may be out there.

I think the lesson is this, if we are not open to the possibilities, we are the ones who lose.

Be open to the possibilities today. Let yourself be surprised.

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David Spring said...

WOW!, Mom was right after all.

Misty said...

Man, you are up early for a Sunday!

Scott said...

Heck, I was up @ 4:30 but it took that long for the coffee to kick in!


Hailee said...

I haven't actually started in on my 7 year-old daughter with the "don't judge a book by it's cover" mantra yet. I took this opportunity to explain the phrase to her and then showed her the proof in Susan Boyle. Thanks for posting this. -Hailee