Odds and ends, bits and pieces...

1. Today Scot Kelby posted an open letter to the Whitehouse offering to save them $360,000 in exchange for just one household appliance.

Though it was satirical I really, really, really hope they take him up on the offer.

2. If you are not a regular reader of David Ziser's blog you really should be, the information he shares is invaluable and it's visually outstanding too.

3. Carolyn Wright (aka the Photo Attorney) has posted several times this week about photo contests grabbing exclusive image rights from those who enter their contest(s), this would include Oprah Winfrey.

4. If you are a proud owner of a Nikon SB-24 but are frustrated because you can't find online documentation, you'll find it here. I have three of these bad boys and if you want to expand your "bag of light" you can get them on eBay for around $60. Don't be concerned that they are a few generations old (like me) because they are sturdy, reliable work horses.


Gary said...

That Scott Kelby post is hilarious. I love it!

Jason said...

Hey. What's the chance of you including the full post in your RSS feed? Is this deliberate or just something overlooked? Enjoy your blog but frustrated it's quite possibly the only one in my entire daily reads (>100) that doesn't include the full feed. Thanks!

Scott said...


It was/is not intentional; I think it’s safe to say I am a better photographer than I am a blogger.


Let me go through my settings and so what I can do about correcting this issue.

Thanks for the heads up.