Another Beauty Dish for the SB-800...

I was perusing David Tejada's blog (and added it to my links collection) and came across his plans for a DIY beauty dish. Though it says it is for a Nikon SB-800, there is no reason this would not work for any speedlight.

These plans are crisp, clean, and easy to follow. In fact he has enough pictures that even if you couldn't read you would still be able to follow along and build your own dish.

So if you haven't made your own beauty dish, maybe this will be the final push you need to make one. So check out these plans, get your supplies this weekend and "get 'er done".


Jason Anderson said...

I read this a few times, as well as the original, and I still don't get what that rectangular thing is or where he got it from - but it seems a rather integral part of the design...

Scott said...

Hey Jason,

That grey rectangular thingy is a gutter downspout connector, you can get it Lowes or Home Depot for around $4.

You cut a hole in the center of the base of the CD holder which is then attached to the bottom of the large dish.

The head of the flash slides into it (and fits almost perfectly).

If I can find a picture that better demonstrates how it works I will email it to you.


Luis Filipe Cunha said...

Does the still IR communication works or its blocked by the dish?
I use a Canon ST-E2 transmitter and a Canon 430EX flash. Will I loose my IR communication?