A word about Google...

As most of you noticed, for the Memorial Day weekend I redirected my blog from what you see here to a slideshow honoring service men and women, what I didn't know is that it was going to be noticed by Google too!

I can't even imagine how big they are, how many blogs they host, or how many servers they have around the world, but in less than an hour of redirecting this blog on Friday evening I got an ominous email from a Google god saying that "Your blog has been identified as a potential spam blog." it went on to say that my account was locked, and I would not be able to post again until the situation had been reviewed by a live person in roughly two days.

Sure enough, I logged in and my account was locked, my blog life was flashing before my eyes, I am thinking that a 18 months of work and 350 posts may soon be blowing in the wind.

Try finding an actual email address for someone at Google, I couldn't! So I put a line of code (that could not be seen by the public) at the beginning of the slideshow explaining why my blog was being redirected and when it would be back to "normal".

And then I waited... and much to my surprise in the same amount of time it took them to shut me down, my account was unlocked and I had control of my blog! I am sure that people in three neighboring states could hear the huge sigh of relief that emanated from my house at the moment.

The point of of this rambling post is to say how impressed I was with the speed at which Google responded and even though redirecting my blog was "against policy", Google let me do it.


To show my appreciation I will be getting my new Google tattoo later this morning.

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