Links housekeeping and updates...

Over the weekend I updated all of my links, cleaning out some and adding a bunch of new ones.

One of the the "newbies" is Planet Neil, which is full of instructions, tutorials, and all the things you need to improve your photography. The amount of information listed on this site will keep you there for quite some time, so pace yourself.

I also added a completely new category, "Marketing Resources".

Two of my favorites marketing links are:

1. Help my Business Sucks! is both funny and informative. It's a weekly video podcast that usually runs less than 15 minutes and I promise that every single week you will get at least one snippet of information that you will be able to use/apply.

2. If you have a blog, or are considering one, you need to include Pro Blogger as part of your strategy. It will help you plan your new blog, or grow the blog you already have. Take the "31 Days to Build a Better Blog" and you will do just what the title says, build yourself a better blog. Of the "How To Blog" websites out there, I think this to be the very best.

I reader once emailed me and said "even if your content sucked, it's worth coming to your blog for the links. I think you have the best accumulation of photography links in one place".

Hopefully they just got a little better.

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