Help Portrait...

Today was Help Portrait day, we shot from 9 this morning to 6 this evening, edited, and printed out their 8 x 10 portrait before each person left so they could take it home with them.

It was the first project with my new partner (and long time friend) Mark Hensley. It went extremely well.

I am tired physically and mentally.

I really feel like crying.

But mostly I feel blessed.

There will be much more to follow.


Susan said...

Hi Scott!
I attended an Eagle Scout Ceremony and took pictures of the whole thing so my student's mom could just be PROUD. It was a great feeling!
Thanks for helping to promote Help Portrait Day!

Scott said...

Thank you for stopping by here... and for your efforts.

Lisa & Tom said...

God Bless You! I am looking forward to hearing more about your experience. I tried to get a group together here in CT but there was just not enough time to get it going. We are going to try and do something like this this Spring so I would love to hear more about the logistics. When I approached people about doing this they were VERY concerned about how do you find people and how do you get them to where you are photographing. For example, a photographer friend is a social worker and she knew of some 'needy people' but they lived in the town where she worked, not where she lives and not near where I wanted to shoot.