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An email from a reader prompted todays post (thanks Bill).

Because I don't use Photoshop Elements I have dedicated very little space to writing about it (out of ignorance not because of snobbery), so I hope to rectify it with todays post.

So what follows is a bakers dozen of blogs, websites, and podcasts that are dedicated to Photoshop Elements. I would appreciated your feedback on which ones you found most useful so I can create a list of permanent links for future reference (and future readers).

1. Photoshop Elements Techniques has a great many resources and a learning center that will help you get the most out of Elements.

2. Tim Grey has video tutorials, a YouTube channel, and a weekly Elements newsletter you will want to check out.

3. Head over to AdobeTV for Element video tutorials.

4. not only offers tutorials, but free things like free brushes too.

5. Photoshop Support has put together a very nice Photoshop Elements Resource Center.

6. Alibony has both a website and a blog offering a collection of Photoshop Elements tutorials, tips and goodies.

7. is an "Animated Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements" with 8 video-tutorials.

8. Tutorials Experts offers almost 50 video tutorials collected from various sites.

9. Photoshop Roadmap also offers a large numbers of Elements video tutorials.

10. has also compiled a HUGE list of Photoshop Elements tutorials and resources.

11. The Essential Guide for Photoshop Elements, the title pretty much says it all. They have a blog too.

And wrapping up the resources are a couple podcast you will want to check out:

12. Adobe Photoshop Elements Killer Tips By Corey Barker.

13. Graffi's Graficalicus Workshop


JLI said...

I'll be checking these out for sure! The only one I've really spent any time with is Adobe TV, and to be honest, I found the tutorials a little insulting. Many focus on the "textbook" way of doing something and I got impatient. I have a stealthy knowledge of Windows and certainly of keyboard shortcuts, so for me, they were a little dull and useless.

I will be purchasing Scott Kelby's book on PSE8 eventually. I've heard nothing but rave reviews about that, along with his other publications.

Robert said...

I get Tim Grey's e-newsletter and love them, I never thought to see if he had any videos. thanks.

Maryann [MF*****Fotos] said...

This is SO helpful!! Thanks!!

maycatdecal said...

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Photoshop tutorials said...

Is that a book of photoshop tutorials ?