Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yes, we do have YouTube Channel...

Today Miguel left a comment on the blog that he didn't know we (Weekly Photo Tips) have a YouTube Channel.

Miguel is a pretty active reader/participant of this blog and if he didn't know about our channel I figure there must be a bunch of other people who don't know as well.

So head on over and take a look at Weekly Photo Tips on YouTube, you might event want to subscribe so you'll be notified everytime we upload a new video.

Of course there is a chance that Miguel was pulling my leg.



Robert said...

I found you through one of your You Tube videos, I think they are great.

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Not pulling your leg, I swear! Now I know what I'm doing tonight ... watching youtube videos for a while!

maycatdecal said...

I am a student, I joined the blog to make friends with the lava away from the liver around the world. I want to learn many things about the country, people, life, culture ... of your country.