And the winner is...

A couple things before I announce the winner.

First, I LOVED looking at all the images that were uploaded, trust me when I say I looked at every single image and they were outstanding. Because of all the great stuff that was uploaded I think all future contests will include folks uploading (at least) one image.

Second, this contest was truly random. The name of each person who entered was dropped into a program called "The Hat" and it was used to randomly pick the winners name.

I just don't want folks to think that they didn't win because their mage "wasn't up to snuff" because nothing could be further from the truth. The one thing I DON'T like about contests like this is that I can't award prizes to everyone who entered.

I strongly recommend that everyone go take a look at the images that have been uploaded to our Flickr group, you'll see some real good stuff.

Now, drum roll please.... our winner is... JW Stovall!

Congratulations. If you send me an email with your snail mail address I will get your prize right out to you.

Below are a few of the images he entered and be sure to check out his blog and website to see more of his work.

Our next contest will be announced very soon, as we have some really good stuff to give away.

(click on any image to view larger and in a new window)


Miguel Palaviccini said...

Congrats JW! Those are some nice images you've taken (just checked your site).

Thanks for putting this together Scott.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Miguel, for your kind words...and thanks Scott for running this fun contest.

Scott said...

Nice shots JW! Keep up the great work!

Maryann [MF*****Fotos] said...

Congrats JW!

Pamela said...

Thanks Scott, Congratulations JW and I agree we should upload images for future contests its fun to look at others images.

Chance H said...

Congrats! I love the photo of the pews!