Monday, August 24, 2009

Get ready to be impressed...

On occasion I post the work of photographers that are on the cutting edge, photographers that seem to be light years ahead of everybody else.

It's time to add another set of names to that list - Jaco & Daleen Fourie.

Here is a video of one of their "trash the dress" sessions, once you've watched it you will surely want more so be sure to check out their blog and their website.

Grab your camera, strap yourself into your chair, and ENJOY!

(video does not come through on feeds so subscribers will need to stop by the blog to view it)


Anonymous said...

For me Jaco & Daleen's photo's falls in the "cookie cutter" category.
They have a recipe and follow it with every wedding, where is the emotion in their work?
They must be doing this just for the extra money.

Scott said...

I think most photographers have a certain style they bring to each wedding they shoot, so it would be a fair statement that many photographers use a “cookie cutter” approach.

Some folks make your “run of the mill” cookies, and others (like the Fourie’s) make gourmet cookies.

Jaco Fourie said...

Thanks for that positive cookie cutter feedback anonymous. As they say jealousy makes you nasty. Be a man and put your name where your mouth is. Anyway thanks Scott for the post and positive words. We love what we do.

Tom O'Meara said...

Nice stuff as usual Jaco. As for the courageous poster named "Mr. Anonymous" above, I wouldn't lose any sleep over comments like that.


Anonymous said...

Jaco, I'm not jealous of your work.
I'd rather do less weddings with more emotion, than boast about how fully booked I am but every wedding is the same.
For me there is no emotion in your photographs at all.
Call me jealous, I don't really care it's just my opinion.

Tyson Zahner said...

I notice the critical poster is still Anonymous. Nice. He must be a true artist (unlike you Jaco - since you're so predictable and formulaic! - do you hear the sarcasm in my tone?)

I love his comment that Jaco must be doing this for the extra money. Uh . . . hello! He's in business to do just that . . . aren't we all in business for that very reason . . . To Make money?. I guess Mr. Anonymous shoots weddings for free and shoots for the sake of "art". Give me a break. Photography is business first and art second. Every successful photographer who has had any longevity knows that.

To Mr. Anonymous: If you're so proud of your work, and all the emotion you capture, please post your name and your website so we can see all of these "emotional" images.

Becky W said...

I guess if you are cookie cutter then I am crumbs, because I would really like to be you when I grow up. I am amazed by your work and love to follow each and every event you post.

Scott said...


If you are talking about me, I am honored (tell me where to send the check!) and if you aren’t, well, then I am just a little embarrassed right now.



Hawaii Baby Photographer said...

You are doing something right, Jaco. After all, Mr. Anonymous felt you were important enough to insult with a petty and undeserved comment.

You are a constant inspiration and an extremely talented photographer. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent!

Photography By Jo said...

Ha! I thought it was pretty spectacular. :D Amazing work. I think it's important for a photographer to maintain a consistency with their style and work. J & D does just that. You have to be consistent. :) That's just my opinion. When a couple goes to book you there shouldn't be any surprises. I felt like there was emotion... not sure what anonymous is talking about...

Joshua Barry said...

Ah, Mr. anonymous.

I agree that he uses a 'cookie cutter approach' to his weddings but you are failing to see the big picture here.

The 'cookie cutter' you refer to cannot be bought in stores, cannot be ordered on the web, cannot be mass produced, and cannot be copied. When someone posts images without a name beside it and you automatically know whose work that is, it's called building your brand.

Yeah it's a cookie cutter alright but a cookie cutter he designed and doesn't mass produce and people flock to him to get some of his uniquely shaped cookies.

Is Coca Cola a cookie cutter company. Absolutely. But they took their #1 formula and never changed it. Great photographers can be the same way. They find what moves them in terms of style, produce it consistently for their clients and never change the winning formula yet only adding to their bag of tricks.

So for all of us here at cookie-cutter-central we'd just like to say buzz off and for your enjoyment you can buy some new tricks here

Scott said...

And what I thought was a somewhat subdued post highlighting the work of another photographer turned out to be poking a hornets nest with a big ol’ stick!


Tyson Zahner said...

Looks like Mr. Anonymous couldn't take the heat . . . I guess he left the kitchen.

Julie Poole said...

Whatever you want to call J&D, it is working for them! I'd be happy to put myself in his category!

Beautiful stuff Jaco!

Rick said...

Well, Mr. (or Ms) Anonymous is clearly jealous that they cannot produce the same quality of work.

Besides the fact Anon is an idiot.

Rick said...

Come on, Anonymous, post YOUR web site so we can see all this emotion you're talking about.

When you do, I think we'll all see that the only emotion you have is pride, envy, and jealousy.

Oh, you're still an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The same posed shots week in week out with way to much off camera flash. Boring!


Anonymous said...

Came across this today only, and even though the conversation is probably over, I'd still like to leave my point of view. I agree with Paul. It's the same posed photos for every wedding. At least try something new. I wouldn't want the same pics as everyone else. Let alone have them compared with the previous wedding. And the OCF is getting boring. The same thing over and over and over...
Should and artist not be original. There was only one Mona Lisa - not a series!