Review of the PRESSlite VerteX...

When I saw the PRESSlite VerteX the first thing that flashed through my mind was "think of the possibilities!"

Now had I seen the VerteX on the first day I picked up a camera, I don't think I would have "gotten it", the potential of this tool would have been lost to me. But now that I understand how light moves (or flows) and what we as photographers can do to change and control that movement (that flow), I grasp the power and potential the VerteX has.

It's the only light modifier I know of that lets you to achieve multiple lighting effects simultaneously from one tool and a single strobe. In a matter of seconds, with just two fingers you can twist, pull, or rotate the panels to completely change your lighting configuration.

This will likely be the shortest review I ever do, as I can ramble on about how great the PRESSlite VerteX is and all of the different ways it could be used, but nothing I say will be nearly as impressive as seeing it in action. So here are the resources you need to check out:

This is a 3D demo that allows you to select different configurations and see their impact on the movement of light.

You can also take a look at the user guide that nicely demonstrates (visually) the different configuration possibilities.

Camera Dojo recently did a review of the VerteX Light modifier that you will want to read as well.

Lastly, Kerry Garrison was kind enough to let me use his video showing off the VerteX, thanks Kerry.

Final thoughts - two thumbs waaaay up!


Unknown said...

I haven't seen this kind of diffuser before. It looks very interesting. Thank you for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

This is a great flash accessory. Here is another review:

Anonymous said...

The linking didn't work out. Sorry. Here is the review:

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Whoa, this is something else!