Some of the most useful sites on the web...

As with many things I find on the internet, I'm not quite sure what I was looking for or how I got there, but I came across the list of "101 Most useful Websites" from Digital Inspiration and wanted to make you aware of it as well as share a sampling of what you'll find there.

One of my favorites on the list is Wordle (cuz it's purty), it allows you to make a word cloud of your site (or somebody else's). It's can be created in three different ways, inputting your own text, entering a URL and letting Wordle read keywords from the website, or by putting in a user name and having Wordle read the tags.

The above cloud was created via the URL option, You can click on it to view larger and in a new window.

Here is that partial list, but not to worry you can find the rest here, and even better you can get a downloadable PDF here so you can save it to your computer and share it with your friends.

01. – record movies of your desktop and send them straight to YouTube.

02. – for capturing full length screenshots of web pages.

03. – a better search engine for twitter.

04. – the best place to find icons of all sizes.

05. – print web pages without the clutter.

06. – the best place for searching web videos.

07. – quickly determine the font name from an image.

08. – a good collection of fonts – free for personal and commercial use.

09. – share you screen with anyone over the web.

10. – for sharing really big files online.

11. – work on the same document with multiple people.

12. – planning an event? find a date that works for all.

13. – the perfect tool for measuring your site performance online.

14. - chat with your buddies on Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, etc. from one place.

15. – quick summarize long pieces of text with tag clouds.

16. – get color ideas, also extract colors from photographs.

17. – send an online fax for free.

18. – setup a private chat room in micro-seconds.

19. – create text notes that will self-destruct after being read.

20. – find whether a photo is real or a photoshopped one.

21. – download stock images absolutely free.

22. – create custom Google Maps easily.

23. – quickly setup email reminders for important events.

24. – find if that email offer you received is real or just another scam.

25. – an online audio editor that lets record, and remix audio clips online.

26. – preserve complete web pages with all the formatting.

27. – your virtual whiteboard.

28. – – an excellent layer-based online image editor.

Once you finish going through the entire list, you'll need to check out their categorized listing of the "Best of the Web".

Between the two lists it should keep you busy until the first of the year.


LPK said...

Thanks for posting this! Some of the sites listed will be useful in the classroom.

Wordle has been a favourite of mine as well, just 'cuz it's fun.

half blind said...

Great sites, Scott. Thanks!

Sam Wonder said...

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