And the best camera to take pictures with is...


1. a sentence or phrase expressing a popular or common thought or idea

2. a stereotype

3. an overused remark or opinion of little import; lacking originality or freshness

Sometimes sayings become cliché because they are so obviously true, just the act of verbalizing it makes it redundant (and goes without saying), as is the case with what I am about to say.

So here goes (insert drum-roll), the best camera you can possibly shoot with is the one you have with you. Yup, you can't get much more of a cliché than that!

You can have the stunning Nikon  D850 but if it's sitting in your camera case at home at the moment you see something that you'd like to capture it just ain't a very good camera!

I'm not sure if there's a person in America who doesn't own a phone with a camera, heck, even my 80-year-old mom has a smartphone with a camera.

And it doesn't have to be the latest and greatest model to be able to take a decent shot, I own an iPhone 7 (which puts me a couple "generations" behind) and despite being an "older" model (like me) it still takes some pretty darn good images!

I consider myself very fortunate to live just a few houses from the beach here in Maine and we hardly ever walk it without me breaking out my phone/camera and grabbing a few shots, here are several iPhone 7 images I've taken on our walks:

(click on any image to view larger)

So next time you see an image that you'd like to capture "on film" don't lament the fact that your DSLR is at home (or that you don't even have one), just reach into your pocket, grab your phone and shoot away!


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