Scott Kelby Came To Town...

What a week I just had!

I was reading Scott Kelby’s blog and he mentioned that he was coming to Maine for his family vacation. I dropped him an email, asked where his vacation was going to be, and you could have knocked me over with a feather when I got his reply!

Come to find out he was vacationing just a few miles from me, so I recommended a handful of places for them to eat and for him to photograph (and told him should he need a lackey to carry his camera bag and shine up his lenses, I was the guy who had his arm up high, furiously waving it back and forth) - didn't he try every suggestion on both lists AND then called me to go shooting!

We went out last Thursday (July 19th), it poured cats and dogs but we went anyway, you can see some of his shots here. I took him to an old country mill that has a cool waterfall, we had a great time. Scott was personable, funny, and has forgotten more about photography and Photoshop than I will ever know.

On Saturday I shot a wedding, beautiful couple, handsome bridal party, and great location (take a look for yourself).

Then Sunday I shot a new model, (again, got some good stuff), and what do you know - I got to shoot with Mr. Kelby again Sunday evening (see the images from that shoot here), I took him on the rusty truck tour of southern Maine.

After the sun went down he treated me to dinner, I had the best steak in quite some time and got a way cool demonstration of his iPhone.

I included the picture not to prove just how darn fat I've gotten (way too painfully obvious), I included it just to remind myself that I got to go shooting with "Mr. Photoshop".

Life is good (said to the tune of na, na, na, na, na, na)!


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