Seven lighting setups in seven minutes...

Here is yet another outstanding lighting video from Mark Wallace.

In this video Mark demonstrates seven different lighting setups, they include:

• Fashion Light
• Portrait Light
• Beauty Light
• Fashion Light II
• Beauty Shots
• Glamour Light
• Flare

I think flare is my favorite.

Mark uses studio strobes but they can easily be swapped out with speedlights.

You can see more images that were shot in these setups and the detailed layout images on this page.



Craig Lee said...

That was a good, straight-forward video with some good information. Plus, I added a couple more bookmarks to list of sites to read.

Thanks for posting this.

Tanya Plonka said...

Thanks for passing that along! Easy to follow and they didn't waste any time moving from one set up to the other.

Jen Rinaldi Photography said...

I adore snapfactory. I subscribed to their UTube channel and their videos are great. Thanks for sharing.

Mark Wallace said...

Hey, it's Mark Wallace! Thanks for the positive feedback, we're working on new videos. We hope to have some posted soon. :)

Also - you can follow me on Twitter: @jmarkwallace