Check out the Photoflex Litedome Platinum Softbox...

My Photoflex softbox is by far one of my favorite lighting tools, and of all the gear I own, it is the one borrowed the most by my photography friends.

Right now not only does Adorama have the Photoflex Litedome Platinum Softbox on sale ($127), it also comes with a free grid (a $99 value), AND free shipping!

It durable, portable, comes with a 6 year warranty and the following features:
  • Removable Face - adjust the natural, soft light to create just the right diffusion
  • Removable Baffle - helps eliminate hotspots
  • White interior panels
  • Quick Release Corners - creates stronger corners and makes it easier to break down
  • Suspension loops - suspends the light without Boom/Boom Stand
  • Carry Bag - included for easy storage and transport
  • Free grid - attaches to the face for better control and create different lighting effects
If you want to see the kind of lighting/images you can get from using grids be sure to check out this post from the seminar that we held with photographer Joel Grimes (here are just a few,click to view larger in a separate window, you can also find more images from the seminar here).

Below is our video review/demo of the Photoflex LiteDome ES, it is also on sale (with free shipping) and comes with Speedlight/Speedlite mounting hardware (with two cold shoe mounts, one for your flash and the other for the trigger), along with a light stand bracket (which also works nicely as a handheld device) and carry bag.

The Photoflex LiteDome ES is compact and so portable that it will fit in most large camera bags.

(For subscribers the video does not "push" through and you'll need  to return to the blog to view the video, or you can head directly to our YouTube channel)


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