Lensbaby... OH BABY!...

The Lensbaby 3G is the newest select focusing lens from the good folks over at Lensbabies.

A Lensbaby allows you to select an in-focus “sweet-spot” from any point in your image, either for creative purposes or for maximum impact. Though your chosen sweet-spot is in focus the Lensbaby will distort (or blur) the rest of the image just enough so that it adds interest to the photo while at the same time moving (and locking) the viewer’s eye straight to the area of the shot you wanted them to focus on.

These little thing was a blast to play with and produces awesome images that are entertaining to the eye (see below).

The Lensbaby 3G is light in your hand but at the same time feels well constructed, and solid as you hold it. I noticed that there is rubber treads on the movable parts and on the focusing rings, which is a nice touch. It also comes with a handy pouch, a protective case, and a collection of 8 different aperture discs, and a tool for extracting aperture discs.

The instructions that were included with the Lensbaby 3G are just a few pages and could not be any easier to read or follow. The print was large, and the diagrams allowed for fast reference. The entire pamphlet can be read in just a couple minutes and after that you'll be armed with all the info you will need to make great, fun images.

Though this product is fun to use, but don't be fooled, it is a serious tool that should always be in your camera bag. Once you start using it, you will want to see how everything looks through the Lensbaby 3G! Ease of operation and the end results make it a must have item.

Set aside all the features, affordable price, and the do dads of the Lensbaby 3G, I felt good about this company before I even opened the box. There are not many companies who put their values in writing, and fewer still who publish them on the web. To me, that speaks volumes.

So it's almost Christmas and you want to know how to get the point to your significant other that you want a Lensbaby 3G, but how? Here are a few ideas:

1. Set your computers homepage to http://www.lensbabies.com/
2. Cut out their ad and tape it to your pet (learn from me, stapling it was a bad idea)
3. Show your wife some of the cool sample images from their website, then immediately turn to her and ask, "honey, do you like pearls or diamonds better?"

Good luck, and Merry Christmas!

(clicking on the images will open them larger and in a new window)

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Samuel said...

Hi Scott,

Beautiful photos you took with your Lensbaby!

Thank you very much for the thoughtful, and kind, comments.