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In the latest issue of Rangefinder I read a story by Joe Photo, "From Russia with Love". It's about his recent mission trip to 3 Russian orphanages.

If you read just one thing from my blog this week or this year, read "From Russia with Love" because it is about real life and it will remind you of what's important, just how lucky and how blessed you are.

A gallery of images from his trip can be viewed here.

Now, a word about Joe.

For those of you new to wedding photography Joe Photo is a rock star. When I decided wedding photography was what I wanted to do Joe was one of the people who's work I studied (and still do). His work made me realize that shooting a wedding, when done correctly, a good photographer captures the day and the story in images. Done right, the results are art.

Here is Joe Photo's "Best of 2006" wedding images, a stunning body of work. His other galleries are here.

I have three daughters that LOVE Hannah Montana, when she comes on the TV they can't sit still, there's wiggling, giggling and excitement fills the room, which is coincidently what my wife said it was like when I opened my inbox and found an email from Joe.

So, without further delay - ladies and gentlemen - JOE PHOTO!!! (you can just see the crowd of wedding photographers leaping from their seats, clapping their hands over their heads and me standing in my chair screaming like a girly man).


From Russia With Love

"I really want to shout how stoked I am with the article - From Russia with Love - that RangeFinder ran in their December "Pictures of the Year" issue. I'm so proud of so many people that got involved with this project. First, my wife Ingrid, for her loving support and encouragement. Pastor Craig at Capo Calvary and the family of volunteers that I travelled with. All of our fabulous interpreters. Fujifilm for donating the cameras for the kids. Fotoworks for donating the film processing and prints for the kids. Bill Hurter and the staff at RangeFinder for making the story known to so many of their readers. And finally, I'm so proud of the extraordinary children I had the privilege to get to know. I can't wait to go back and see them again next summer. If by chance some of you reading this are inspired to go with us, I'd love to talk to you. The dates are May 30th to June 10th, 2008. The cost is about $2,000. I guarantee, your life would never be the same. We want to take about 30 people with us. Email me if you're interested. Let's spread the love people. We are blessed."


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