DIY lighting for macro photography...

Here is our most recent video showing some (very) inexpensive DIY lighting for macro photography.

The online store where I bought my LED lights is currently out of stock but I do have some alternatives for you. You can get them here for $3.98 for 10 (free shipping), here they are $3.95 for 7 or $6.40 for 14 (free shipping), and here they are $3.50 (but there is a shipping charge).

To give you an idea of how well these LED lights work, the first three images were taken in a dark room (after sunset with no other lights on) using 9 LED's and the final images were taken with a lamp on in the background using 7 LED's. All were shot with a 60mm macro the lens within 6-8 inches of the subject.

If you are a subscriber you know the drill, the YouTube video does not come though with your subscription so you really will want to return to the blog or head over to YouTube to watch it.


DavidSklenar said...

Hello, If I want to buy this 7 LED lights and Iam from Czech Republic, what I have to do? Thanks you

Scott said...


Not sure really, I know sells them but not sure if they do business in your area.

But there must be retailers that specialize in flashlights, so I would suggest searching them.

Good luck, and let me know how you make out.