Westcott Ultimate Flash Kit Review...

Here are a few points I did not make I didn't make well) in the above video.

The quality of the materials and workmanship in this Westcott softbox is as good as it gets. Two things that really stuck out for me: 1) I loved how the rotating adaptor ring spins 360 degrees so I could position the softbox at any angle I want allowing me to wrap light on my subject in unlimited ways, and 2) the light stand/flash bracket is all metal so it stayed in the position I put it in and I could tighten it without the fear of it breaking (which is pretty common in the less expensive plastic models).

Westcott is currently running a $100 off sale for this kit, you find more about it here, you can also get more product details here.

Below are sample images we took using the Westcott Ultimate Flash Kit, no bounce, no other light modifier or enhancer. Imagine the things you could do in combination with other light modifiers.

The model in these shots is Bethany, she was one of the models that we used at a recent seminar and we will surely be using her in future projects. If you are in southern Maine and are looking for a model for an upcoming shoot/project you can find Bethany on Model Mayhem.

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Wonderful photos! as well as the video! :) I definitely got some tips!