Speedlight softbox for just $34...

Adorama is having a sale on a 16" square softbox designed specifically for small strobes (Speedlights/Speedlites) that will give you better directional control of where your light will fall, it gives you a softer diffused light, and it folds flat for easy portability.

It is larger than the LiteDome that I own (and love) and you can get it for less than half the price at just $34.

Shipping is free so at $34 this is a great price on a softbox you can take with you anywhere and is so easy to set up you will be using it in just minutes.

It comes complete with cold shoe flash mount and it can be mounted on a light stand with its built in bracket or handheld.

Follow this link for all the details.

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David R Martinson said...

I have the litedome as well and like that a lot for it size and portability...might have to get a few of these as well. Thanks for the heads up.