It all started on this day in 2007...

July 2, 2007 was the day of the very first post here on Weekly Photo Tips.

Since then we have penned over 1,300 more blog posts, had a million (yup, a million) visits from folks living in 203 different countries!!!!

And it blows me away that there are over 100,000 links back to this blog... wowzer.

I have received too many kind emails and cards in the mail to count. I even received a beautiful lens on my birthday from Ray Sanford.

Things I never would have dared to dream way back on day one.

These things were made possible only because we have the most outstanding audience in the world.

There was a rather significant announcement originally planned for today (hence the countdown clock being at zero), but we will need to push that off for just a few more days.

For now, the only words that come to mind are THANK YOU.

Clearly inadequate for all you have done for me, but know that those two little words are truly heartfelt.


Chance said...

congrats on the huge milestone and happy 'birthday'!

Lee P'an said...

These balloon looks excellent .

Robert Smith said...

I m so glad to visit this blog. This blog is really so amazing