The Nikon D800, possibly the best camera Nikon makes!...

As a follow-up to our last post, here are a few things I wanted to share regarding one of the cameras we talked about, the Nikon D800 (a camera I own and LOVE).

Did you know that the video quality is so good that there are some TV shows that shoot exclusively with the D800? Check it out.

In my interview with Michael Clark, he said that some of the best video files he sees are coming out of the D800.

As many of you know, I shoot weddings with Stacey Kane, and she has become a huge D800 fan, having moved from the Nikon D3 to the D800 for one reason, image quality.

There is a reason those images look so good, according to organizations like DXO Labs, is that the D800 sensor is the best in the world.

Two very thorough, informative (and glowing) reviews you will want to read:

1. The first is the "Nikon D800 Review" from - "I am very impressed... the Nikon D800 will become the camera of choice for my photography needs".

2. Is from Ken Rockwell, here is his review of the Nikon D800. "The D800 is the best DSLR ever made by anyone at any price".

Both of these reviews are phenomenally in-depth.

If you are seriously considering a new camera, you can not do better than the Nikon D800 and you can get it for $2700 with free shipping.

Lastly, if you own (or are expecting to own) this camera you can get an in-depth step-by-step tour of the Nikon D800 with John Greengo over at CreativeLive for just $49.


Chance said...

I've been saving up for this one so long that I'm sure it'll be superseded by the time I can afford it!

Online Camera Store said...

Hi Chance!

Me too, I am saving my money to buy this one, did you buy it already? If my money is enough I will order this camera to, you may want to try it also.

photography laptop said...

I love that D800 has an edge in flexibility. It has the highest technical performance DSLR for outdoor, nature, landscape and many other kinds of precision photography.

Mary R. Omara said...

Really this camera is best .

Robert Smith said...

Nikon is one my favorite brand. I like Nikon cameras