Adobe Lightroom 1.1, Part II...

I have just a few more things to add to my previous Lightroom post, so let's get get right to it:

1. has a 17 minute video "Intelligent Importing" which focuses on getting the absolute most when importing your images into Lightroom.

2. Speaking of videos, Adobe Evangelists (great name, don't you think?) has put together a series of Lightroom tutorial flash movies.

3. You can also get a bunch of tutorials at The Image-Space.

4. Take a listen to how Julieanne Kost uses Lightroom (one of the Adobe Evangelists), and learn about her workflow, you'll be glad you did.

5. has (free) Flash and HTML based galleries and slideshow templates specifically for Lightroom and they just (today) came out with LRG FlashSlideStrip 2.0, their latest slideshow template for Lightroom.

Thanks to all who wrote in!

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Anonymous said...

Scott, your blog prompted me to take another look at Lightroom, which I hadn't seen since its beta version. WOW! The features and the user interface just blow me away, just amazing. I bought a copy tonight. This will be fun! Thanks. -John B.